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Macon Brain Injury Lawyer

Georgia Brain Damage Attorney

Contact a Macon Brain Injury Attorney Who Is Also an ER Nurse

Brain damage can lead to severe physical and mental difficulties. Just as often, though, brain injuries can lead to subtle speech, memory and emotional issues, and personality changes. Whether you or your loved one's symptoms are severe or whether family members and friends remark that "he's or she's just not the same person anymore," we can help.

Macon personal injury lawyer Tracey L. Dellacona, R.N., M.B.A. of Dellacona Law Firm has the experience, knowledge and skill to handle the brain damage issues you and your family face:

  • Attorney Dellacona is an experienced lawyer with 17 years of experience

  • Attorney Dellacona is a trained and licensed critical care nurse

Lawyer Dellacona has handled over 1,000 injury cases, including numerous cases involving serious injuries like brain and spinal cord injuries. With an advanced degree in business, she can ensure that all future care and accommodation expenses are accounted for in the valuation and negotiation/litigation of your case. To schedule a no-charge consultation with attorney Dellacona, please call 478-845-1802 or 877-308-4825.

Experienced in Investigating and Preparing Brain Injury Cases

Whether injuries are mild or severe, it is important to document the changes and loss experienced by the victim.

We can obtain testimony from family, friends and co-workers and, when possible, show a "day in the life" videotape of the victim performing tasks both before and after his or her accident. When opposing counsel questions the validity of evidence and testing, we can back up information by drawing on attorney Dellacona's medical background and the testimony of expert witnesses. For experienced legal help following brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries, please call 478-477-9000 or to contact us by email CLICK HERE.


Tracey L. Dellacona, Esq
R.N., M.B.A



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