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Macon Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Georgia Back Injury Attorney

Contact a Georgia Attorney Who Is Also a Critical Care Nurse

The human spine is the building block that allows us to be mobile, a function we hold more valuable than anything else in our lives. Being mobile equals freedom. If you have experienced a serious back injury in an auto accident, in an on-the-job accident, as a result of medical malpractice, or from being on dangerous property, you may be frustrated, depressed and unsure how to manage your injuries.

When you contact Macon spinal cord injury attorney Tracey L. Dellacona, R.N., M.B.A. of Dellacona Law Firm you contact a lawyer who not only has 17 years of experience as a personal injury attorney, you contact an attorney who is also a licensed and experienced critical care nurse.

Attorney Dellacona understands the anatomy and physiology of the human body. She can use this knowledge to help you navigate through physical and emotional barriers in the outside world. She can also provide assurance, information, medical references, and to convey the full nature and effects of damages to insurers and jurors. Our legal experience and medical expertise has resulted in countless six- and seven-figure verdicts and settlements in back, neck and spinal injury cases. For more information, please call us at 478-845-1802 or 877-308-4825.

How Our Medical Background Can Help You

In addition to her nursing experience and licensure, attorney Dellacona's husband is a certified emergency room doctor and is available to consult on our cases. When you contact us, we you provide an initial assessment of your case quickly and at no charge.

Our medical background also enables us to quickly grasp complex medical issues and to simplify them and explain them to insurance agents and jurors. Our medical and legal acumen has resulted in numerous high-value awards, and attorney Dellacona is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. For more information and to schedule a no-charge consultation, please call 478-477-9000 or CLICK HERE to contact our office via email.


Tracey L. Dellacona, Esq
R.N., M.B.A



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