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In my 6 years as a critical care nurse, I was well known for my relentless persistence on behalf of my patients. Since 1994, I have built the same reputation as a medical malpractice and personal injury attorney.

Originally from Mississippi, I pursued a nursing career because I was interested in helping people and making their lives better. In short, I wanted to heal their hurts!

However, I became disenchanted with nursing after watching a fellow nurse blamed for a doctor’s mistake. Around the same time, an attorney hired me to help him decipher some medical records for a case. Impressed with my knowledge and analytical skills, he encouraged me to go to law school. I chose to represent plaintiffs because they, like my patients, need something fixed or healed. They also need information about the legal process, why things happen the way they do, what their options are, how settlements are reached and the likelihood of obtaining a trial verdict. Ultimately, I just wanted to continue to change people’s lives for the better.

I have successfully handled or helped handle more than 1,000 cases for individuals and/or families in 27 years. My nursing background provides me with the knowledge to understand my clients’ injuries, medically, and how their quality of life has been affected as well as that of their caregivers. I also understand exactly how the doctor, nurse, or hospital may have failed their patient. My medical background and my experience in interpreting medical records gives me an edge with juries, who instinctively realize that I understand the medical information and expert witness’ testimony, and can effectively translate that information for them.

In addition to my RN certification and law degree, I hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which gives me a more thorough understanding of the financial aspects of my clients’ cases so that I can provide my clients with financially sound options, including arranging financial consultations with investment experts.

Inside my conference room I have a plaque that I consider to be my mantra. From the 1993 film Tombstone, it reads: ““Tell them I’m coming! And Hell’s coming with me!”

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We feel she made our future brighter despite what had happened. We cannot thank Tracey enough for representing us during this life changing ordeal. WE would highly recommend her to anyone. She and her staff are not just our lawyers, but they are our friends.
– Janice C.

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