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Despite new state legislation in recent years restricting cell phone use while driving, distracted driving is on the rise. When a driver doesn’t pay proper attention to ensure the safety of others, they are being negligent. If someone’s negligence caused your car wreck, as an experienced car accident lawyer I can help you get the compensation you deserve though insurance claims or a lawsuit against the person responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Even minor accidents can result in extensive damages. If you do not feel you are being offered fair compensation, consult an experienced car accident attorney like me, Tracey Dellacona. My team and I are passionate about helping people like you, who have been hurt because of other people’s carelessness. Having handled over 1,000 accident cases, I can advise you whether you are being fairly compensated or if there is a legal basis for a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident.

Damages may include any of the following:

  • Property Damage
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of support
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

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We feel she made our future brighter despite what had happened. We cannot thank Tracey enough for representing us during this life changing ordeal. WE would highly recommend her to anyone. She and her staff are not just our lawyers, but they are our friends.
– Janice C.

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Car Accident FAQS

What should I do if I’m in a car accident?

First, check to ensure you and everyone involved in the accident are okay. If you or someone else is injured, call 911 immediately. Do not assume someone else has or will do so. If no one is injured, call the non-emergency number for your local police department or call 911. If possible, take photos of all the vehicles involved and as much of the scene of the accident as possible. Ask the other drivers for their insurance information, and ask any witnesses who stopped to offer to help for their contact information. Then contact your insurance company to learn what documentation you need to file a claim. Be open and honest with law enforcement when they arrive about what you remember about the accident, answering any questions they have. Before they leave, ask how you can obtain a copy of the police report.

It’s always best to be cautious with your health. As soon as possible after the accident, visit your doctor, even if you don’t feel badly or have an obvious injury. Tell them you were in a car accident and ask to be checked out.

Keep detailed notes about every phone call, doctor’s visit, and medical test that relates to the accident. Gather all your medical records and bills, your notes from the scene of the accident, as well as documentation of any other expenses you incur as a direct result of the accident. It’s much easier to request and gather these documents and specifics about the accident at the time than to track them down later.

How can car accident lawyers help you?

Great question! Dellacona Law Firm has handled over 1,000 accident cases, and I, Tracey Dellacona, am a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum due to our firm’s numerous seven-figure awards. My legal team will gather documentation related to your claims and thoroughly investigate your accident, and I will negotiate with the defense or your insurance company on your behalf. If needed, I will represent you in court to get you the justice and the compensation you deserve.

When should you contact an attorney after a car accident?

Car accident lawsuits must be filed within 2 years of the date of the accident, although there are exceptions. At Dellacona Law Firm, our goal is to get you the care you need and the compensation from the careless individuals who caused your car accident. Please call me, Tracey Dellacona, at 478-477-9000. I would be honored to speak to you.

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