With over 27 years of experience as a car accident lawyer, I’ve helped so many people get the compensation they deserve for car wrecks that weren’t their fault. People often know to call me when they’ve been in an accident with a semi-truck or a drunk driver. But what about minor wrecks?

Insurance companies describe a minor car accident as a wreck where no one seems to be seriously hurt and the cars, if they are damaged, are still drivable. Minor wrecks, like fender benders at stop lights and in parking lots, are the most common kind of accident. Because of this, they represent a big portion of the day-to-day claims filed with insurance companies, but those same companies often try to avoid paying.

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Here are 4 situations when you need a minor car accident attorney.

Severe Injuries

Minor accidents don’t mean the damage to your body is also minor. Head injuries, neck strain, whiplash, concussion, back strain, broken or chipped teeth, slipped or herniated discs, and other soft tissue injuries are all common in minor car wrecks. Injuries may not become apparent for days or even weeks after the accident. Injuries can also begin as minor nuisances but grow in severity over time. A slipped disc, for example, might not cause pain until minor exercise or a sudden movement causes the tissue around the disc to swell, pressing against a nerve. You have to do all you can to protect your health, both now and in the future.

Dispute Over Fault

If there’s any question about who is at fault for the accident, hire a car accident attorney immediately. Based on what happened, you may not be sure who is at fault, but you don’t want to leave that up to the insurance companies to decide. Being at fault or partially at fault for the accident can greatly reduce the amount insurance is willing to compensate you. It also opens you up to a lawsuit. Between the police report and my expertise, I can help you understand what happened and protect your interests.

Insurance Company Problems

If your insurance company is dragging out your claims or not offering you fair compensation, do not accept their offer. Insurers don’t want to pay for minor accidents because these are the most common types of claims they handle, and many small payments can add up. They’d rather pay for massive legal teams, who may try to claim the vehicle wasn’t going fast enough to cause your injuries, or they might string you along before offering you a tiny amount that doesn’t fully cover your bills and damages. By dragging things out, they hope to confuse you or wear you down so you’ll accept whatever amount they offer. Car accident attorneys have the experience to know what’s fair compensation for your case, and we have the resources and experience to go to bat on your behalf.

You Need to Go to Court

You don’t ever want to enter a court of law without someone trained in legal cases like yours protecting you. If you’re being sued, if the insurance company refuses to pay, or if there were additional circumstances that mean you need to file a personal injury lawsuit, hire an experience attorney like me to represent you. My team and I will research your accident thoroughly and bring all our experience and hard work to your case to secure the outcome you deserve.

Insurance companies encourage you to file a police report before you leave the scene, even for accidents with minimal damage, and I agree. It’s important to document everything about your accident and any damage or injuries that occur in as much detail as possible. I encourage my clients to write down everything they can remember about their accident and to take pictures of all vehicles involved from multiple angles. All of this will serve as evidence to bolster your claims and protect you from lawsuits.

Don’t let a minor wreck become a major problem. If your accident involves any of the four situations described above, give me a call to set up your free consultation today.

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