Don’t just take our word for it. Discover how the Dellacona Law Firm has helped others achieve amazing results.

“Dellacona Law firm was very professional and had all the resources at hand to work my case from discovery onward. This ability plus hard work is the reason my case ended in a very positive outcome. During the time my case was underway, the Dellacona Law Firm keep me apprised of all issues and events and, most of all, they listened. I would definantly recommend them to anyone needing legal service!”

Jolynn F.

“I will be forever grateful for what they did for me.”

Tricia P.

“Ms. Tracey is the best. She treated my family as if we are humans, and not stats.”

Clarence A.

“Tracey Dellacona and the Dellacona Law Firm was very thorough and knowledgable while representing me in a negligent death case. Their experience in the medical malpractice area is exemplary. I highly recommend this firm for any civil case. The results they obtained were above and beyond what I expected.”

Tony S.

“Tracey Dellacona represented me in a medical case involving a negligent doctor who misdiagnosed me. Due to the doctor’s negligence, I lost both of my breasts. Attorney Dellacona served as my counsel and from the first second I met her I knew she was a fireball and would never back down fighting for me. Although the opposing attorneys tried to delay the case, Tracey Dellacona was not about to let that happen. She said justice delayed is justice denied and, trust me, she knew exactly how to get the case rolling and not allow delay antics. I received my settlement and would like to thank her and her competent office staff collectively for the hard work and excellent results that ensued. I witnessed this highly intelligent, mild-talking attorney turn into a bulldog while fighting for me. She definitely knows how to deal with doctors, insurance companies, and other attorneys…. This traumatic event changed me and it changed me forever, but the settlement I received will go a very long way toward my future and my children’s future. Tracey, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Tracey B.